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The market for transformer oils have been steadily growing since the last decade. There has been a huge demand for transformer oils among individuals and companies alike for various purposes. The transformer oil industry is expected to rise by a whopping 70% in the next decade. Thus, it makes if you want to tap into the oil production market. The main component of any oil manufacturing plant is a purifier. This is a machine which helps to purify the oils form various filtrate Find Quality Mobile Transformer Oil Purifier China Manufacturer ZANYOand other toxic substances in them. The purifier is a high powered machine which aims to drive out any extra ingredients in the oil, making it ready for use and packaging. Whenever any type or kind of oil is extracted, it has to undergo a purification process. This is where oil purification systems come in useful. There are various kinds of oil purifiers available for use. In this article we shall talk about a mobile transformer oil purifier and finding a reputed company for the same.


Transformers use oils for a variety of purposes including cooling and insulating. They are essential parts of any electric unit which uses electricity to power various sources. The oil is used for cooling the various parts of the transformer so that any chance of over heating or short circuiting is eliminated. The oil also helps to insulate various parts of the device where any kind of outside temperatures are negated by the oil. However, the oil inside the transformer tends to break down over time. Fine particles may accumulate inside the oils which can severely affect the life and the functioning of the transformer. This where a purifier is used. A mobile transformer oil purifier will help to filter out moisture and sludge from inside the vent systems. It helps to clean the oil from any extra ingredients and keeps it viscous and flowing through the insulating vents.


There are available various types of mobile transformer oil purifiers in the market. Different companies manufacture different types of purifier depending on the nature of purification to be used and the type of transformer. The various features in each of these machines include safety options like explosion proof, vacuum operated or even high voltage ones which operate at a much greater power. When you are searching for a quality manufacturer for a purifier, you should look out for the following factors.

  • Ensure that the company is well experienced in manufacturing purifier for transformer, both mobile and fixed. A reputed company will have years of experience in producing purifiers for their clients who also provide positive feedback about the company.
  • Make sure that the purifiers they are selling are in accordance with the standard safety protocols maintained for devices intended to work with transformer. Safety is of the utmost importance here as cheap purifiers have been known to explode or engulf in flames.
  • A reputed purifier company will also take care of the entire installation process and also carry out periodic maintenance checks from time to time. Look out for any kind of warranty on the purifiers they are providing.


Zanyo Oil Purifiers is one such company which has been known for manufacturing the best in class mobile transformer oil purification systems. They have a wide variety of purifiers available for transformer depending on the make of the purifier, their power source and handling capacity. They use quality parts in their purifiers and ensure that each one of their units are in accordance with the standard safety measures. When you buy a purifier from them, you can be rest assured that you have received a world class product which is sure to last you for a long time. They offer excellent after sales support also, adding to the list of reasons why they are best transformer purifier company in the business.


Transformer oil purifiers should only be purchased from a reputed and trust worthy company. They will ensure their devices perform optimally and not cause any safety or fire hazard issues. The best company for transformer oil purification will provide you with quality devices and excellent customer support. Reach out to one today to get the best purifier for your mobile or home transformer now.