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What is Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier?

Double stage vacuum transformer oil purifier machine is also called transformer oil dehydration machine and transformer oil filtering machine. it adopts high

13 Mobile Double stages Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier For Ecuador

vacuum system and high precision filtration system, combine with specially designed structure for vacuum pumping and vacuum drying and vacuum oil filling, it has functions dehydration, degasification, filtration, vacuum pumping, vacuum drying, vacuum oil filling.

The high vacuum system contains two stages vacuum systems, the pre-stage vacuum system(vacuum pump) and the second stage vacuum system(roots vacuum pump). The double stages vacuum systems assure the machine has high vacuum degree. Precision system adopts multi-grade oil filtration system, and fine filtration system is achieve to 0.5 to 1 micrometer.

Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is designed for purifying new or aged transformer oil, cable oil, super high -voltage transformer oil, switch oil, capacitor oil and different insulating oils.

It works online and off line. It is widely used for purifying insulation oil in all kinds of large power equipments, which are above 110KV, and 500 KV.

Transformer Oil Purifier Functions and Technical Data

After the transformers are running for a long time, because of the pressure, air, temperature, aged, etc reasons., there are some gas, moisture and other impurities will be in the dielectric insulating oil. These factors affect the insulation function and heat dissipation properties of the transformer oil. Therefore, transformer oil filtering must be adopted.

Transformer oil filtering machine main purposes are removing dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, contamination, etc. After the transformer oil dehydrator, transformer oil degasification, transformer oil filtration processes, the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate, and contamination can be completely removed.

The Purified Oil Can Be Achieve As Following:

High Vacuum Degree 0.05mbar
Fine Filter 0.5 to 1 Micrometer
Moisture Content Less Than 3 Ppm
Gas Content Less Than 0.05%
The Dielectric Strength Above Than 75kV
Offline purification working:


storage tanks, drums

Online purification working:

Working online in transformers in the field.

Purifying oil in transformers can be carried out off-load or on-load.

In addition, high vacuum transformer oil purifier also has functions of following:

vacuum pumping ,and vacuum drying , vacuum oil filling

Design of oil Parallel circuit for Transformer Oil Filter Machine

Considering the injection of 100T oil into a single transformer, 8 to 9 oil tanks with capacity of 15-20t should be prepared.

The oil tanks arriving at the site are usually arranged near the transformer in two evenly arranged rows, The outlet of the oil tank is arranged in a straight line toward the inside. The outlet of each oil tank is equipped with a control valve to control the inflow and outflow of oil. The outlet of the control valve is connected with a T-shaped three-way interface, and the interfaces of all oil tanks are connected together through the tubing.

Leave an empty oil tank to be used for the conversion of transformer oil when filtering oil.

In this way, transformer oil can be filtered in any oil tank as needed. So as to avoid the tedious task of frequently dismantling pipes

ZYD Series Transformer Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier System is designed for purifying used or aged transformer oil, super high -voltage transformer oil, switchgear oil and different insulating oils. It is also used for purifying insulation oil in all kinds of large power equipments, which are above 110KV, and 500 meters altitude.

This transformer oil purification system can remove free water, soluble water, acid , gas, small and big size particules, increasing the pressure force and quality of oil, improving the breakdown voltage value, making the transformers and electric device running safely.

ZYD Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System Series

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