Project Description

Product Introduction

ZYR series transformer oil recycling device adopted advanced special design, leading technology, adding unique technology of ZANYO Oil Purifier. Special adsorbent is used in transformer oil regeneration equipment, which is mainly used for aged oil purification and regeneration, it can effectively filter out oil sludge, colloid, acid components, sediments and corrosion pollution of transformer oil. ZYR device can save 90% cost instead of replacing new oil, and it also can do live online work.

Performance and Usages

ZYR Transformer Oil recycling device is widely used in oil purification, transformer oil regeneration and vacuum hot oil drying when installation and maintenance of various large transformer equipments.

ZYR is also suitable for filtering and regenerating 500kv-1000kv ultra-high voltage transformer oil. it also applicable for deep purification of high-grade new oil and imported oil. it has the functions of decolorization, removing acid, free carbon and impurities. After purifying, the transformer oil in good color and clean.

Working Principle

Transformer oil firstly filtering by several stages of filtration systems, to remove large quantity of particles. Then by using of a special regenerative device to neutralize the acidic substances from transformer oil, and other free substances is absorbed by tiny pores or polymer adsorption materials, then the clean oil coming out.

Technical Features

  • The transformer oil recycling device adopted special chemicals, with filtering regeneration tank which never causes secondary pollution. Fast regeneration and low loss.
  • The treated oil does not damage basic composition and oxidation resistance of oil, and to reach new oil standard.
  • The consumption is low, the cost is 85-90% lower than the traditional method of new oil changing.
  • Reduce the loss factor of medium and make it to reach new oil index.
  • By using of using pure physics, the oil recycling is environmental protection.

Technical Parameters

Transformer Oil Recycling SystemTransformer Oil Recycling System

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