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A high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine is designed to filter out various impurities from transformer oil.

If you manage to get a unit made by incorporating the most advanced technology, it will be removing all the toxic contaminants including dissolved gases, moisture, and a range of other suspended elements from transformer oil. To be more precise, these machines work by treating unpurified transformer oil and make it contaminant free.

These oil filtration systems allow the contaminated oil from the transformer pass through a specially designed filter. Unlike, most other filtration systems, this one begins by heating the impure oil and then treats it in a high vacuum chamber. The vacuum treatment degasifies and dehydrates the oil and ensures that it meets certain set standards.

It’s important for you to note that high vacuum purifiers must boast a rating between 100 LPH and 16,000 LPH (LPH stands for liters per hour).


Depending on your needs, you can opt for a portable or stationary oil filtration system for transformers. When stationary, the machine for China transformer oil purification will use its screw jacks for relieving pressure from the wheels.

These units are designed for withstanding all climatic conditions. When needed, you will even be able to use them outdoors. The parts of these machines are sturdy enough for bearing the wear and tear associated with transportation and outdoor use.

One of the most crucial parts of these machines is the inlet pump. It’s used for ejecting contaminated oil from the transformer and transferring it into the high-vacuum oil purifier. If there’s any leakage in the pump, the purifier will not work and you will end up losing significant quality of oil. So, before switching the machine on, test the pump for vacuum and check whether it’s functioning properly.


The purifier’s inlet pump has been designed in a way so that it automatically prevents pressure buildup. The unit’s interlocking system, on the other hand, ensures that the heater doesn’t get energized when the machine’s inlet pump is not working. What’s more, the well-thought-out design of the filtration machine prevents excessive rise in the oil level of the dehydration and degassing chamber.

To begin purification, the machine first heats the oil to a temperature of 65 and when the oil develops latent heat the actual purification process begins. The latent heat aids the process of separating gases and moisture from the oil.Top Quality High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier from China Company ZANYO

Heating the oil also decreases its viscosity. This, in turn, enables more effective filtration. The unit’s protection tubes come equipped with thermostatically maneuvered heaters, which prevent overheating of the oil. The thermally insulated heater tank of the unit, on the other hand, prevent heat loss. Excess pressure buildup is also stopped successfully thanks to the machine’s pressure relief valve.

The purifier features an intelligently-designed preliminary filter. This part of the machine protects its inlet pump against various possible damages. The preliminary filter has strainers capable of holding bigger contaminants or contaminants that are more than 1 mm in size. These also include magnetic particles. You will be able to clean the strainers without separating the preliminary filter and the inlet pipe.

The machine’s filter press, which features sturdy metal discs, can remove any particle above the size of 50 macron. These include the likes of used oil and sludge.

Other than the above filters, the high vacuum oil purifying machine also carry a nicely designed cartridge filter. It has a rating of 1 macron but possesses the ability to hold back particles bigger than 1 macron. The biggest highlight of this filter type is that it can get aerated when draining.

If you have plans of buying a top-notch high vacuum transformer oil purifier, you should consider units manufactured by ZANYO.

ZANYO is a Chinese company offering energy efficient products and services designed for protecting our environment. The company ensures that all products made by them are ISO compliant and successfully pass CE testing.

ZANYO always makes machines and equipment using materials of highest quality. This means, once you buy a high vacuum transformer oil purifier from them, you can expect it to last for years to come.

Last, but definitely not the least, an oil purifier manufactured by ZANYO has been designed aptly for being used in busy commercial setups.

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