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How Is Transformer Oil Purifier Machine Process?

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In order to remove dust, gases and other contaminants as well as other undesirable materials like acids, moisture, and metal dust, etc. dissolved in transformer oil, a transformer oil filters machine is used.

Reasons to use a transformer oil purification machineHow Is The Transformer Oil Purifier Machine Process ZANYO

In fact, to convert high-voltage grid power supply to appropriate levels to run machines and appliances safely transformers are used. To maintain the working life of the transformers for a long time clean and high-quality transformer oil is used in them.

This oil gets degraded with time due to its exposure to a number of unwanted materials like moisture, metal dust, acids, gases, and other contaminants. So to purify this transformer oil it has to be filtrated. Transformer oil processors are used by various transformer maintenance and services centers for the purification of transformer oil by using high-end techniques. In this way, the maintenance staff at these centers helps in improving the operation and performance of the transformer.

Working of  transformer oil filtration system

This process of filtration of transformer oil is used to remove the gas, particles, sludge, and moisture from the oil. This process is used to improve the acidity level of the oil also. To purify the oil following steps are used.

Transformer Oil Purifier Machine Process

Transformer oil filtration machines used to purify the transformer oil first of all increase the temperature of the oil up to 75 degrees C to separate gases and moisture from it by giving them latent heat. Moreover, the viscosity of oil decreases by heating it to make the filtration process easier.

In the second step dirt and sludge are removed from the transformer oil by using either of the two methods including:

  • Using filter candles:  Depth type or classic edge filter is used to filter transformer oil by filter candles. However, some of the advanced machines use filter cartridges instead of filter candles made of edge type paper filters.The fine filter can be 0.5 micrometer or 1 mirometer.
  • Using the centrifugal method:  This method can help in removing dirt from the transformer oil without changing filters again and again.

Then to remove moisture from the transformer oil dehydration process is carried out. The oil purification process is completed by processing it in degassing chambers to remove gases from it.

Introduction to the manufacturers of transformer oil purification machines

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