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What Is High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine?

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If anybody has a question or two on high vacuum transformer oil purifiers and the purification process, here’s a write-up that attempts to fill the vacuum! Oil, no matter which sort, does get contaminated and has to undergo a purification process to find employment, so to speak. For many purposes the purification of the oil is No.1 priority and will brook no nonsense or neglect. Like in the case of transformer oil. The point is transformer insulation oil, if left untreated, will gather contaminants including water, gaseous, dust and metal. This can be best done only by a high vacuum transformer oil filtration system a.k.a high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine.

Purifier of transformer oil

The high vacuum oil purifier is a machine that filters out impurities from the transformer oil. A high vacuum transformer oil purifier for sale should be able to remove highly toxic contaminants such as moisture, dissolved gases and other suspended particles from the transformer oil.

The high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine is thus a system that treats impure transformer oil and renders it free of contaminants. It does it by letting the contaminated transformer oil pass through a specially made to order filter that heats the oil and subjects it to a high vacuum treatment to dehydrate and degasify the transformer oil to specific set standards. The high vacuum purifier should carry a rating ranging from 100 LPH or liters per hour to 16,000 LPH.

Machine types and machine partsWhat Is High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine ZANYO

The transformer oil filtration system machine can be the stationary or the mobile type. When stationary, screw jacks relieve pressure on the wheels. The purifier is manufactured to withstand all climates. It can be used outdoors, too. Its parts should be able to bear the rough and tear of transportation and usage. Theoil filtrationmachinewillwork on three-phase, 415 volts, 4 wire, 50Hz, AC Supply.

The machine has an inlet pump to eject the contaminated transformer oil out of the transformer and into the high vacuum purifier machine. Before putting themachineto use, the inlet pump should be tested for vacuum and trouble-free operation.

How does the machine work?

The inlet pump of the transformer oil filtration machine is fitted with automatic protection against pressure build-up. An interlocking system in the high vacuum purifier prevents the heater from getting energized when the inlet pump is not on. Excessive rise of oil in the degassing and dehydration chamber is also taken care of.

The first step to purify is to raise oil temperature to max 65 Degree Celsius. This gives the oil latent heat which helps to separate moisture and gases from the transformer oil in the degassing and dehydration chamber.

The role of the preliminary filter

The viscosity of the oil also drops. This makes possible better filtration. Thermostatically controlled heaters in the protection tubes prevent localized overheating. The heater tank is thermally insulated to cut loss of heat. A pressure relief valve in the heater chamber prevents pressure from building over permissible limit.

A preliminary filter in the purifier helps prevent damage to the inlet pump. It has strainers to hold contaminants above 1 mm size including magnetic particles. The strainers can be cleaned without detaching the filter from the pipeline. The filter press, in the purifier,held tight by metallic discs removes particles above 50 macron size, including sludge from the used oil. A cartridge filter of 1 macron rating holds back dust particles of even larger size. This filter in the transformer oil filtration machine can be aerated during draining. It’s a filter that helps keep particle size to the desired macron.

What’s transformer insulation oil?

It’s the same as transformer. Transformer insulation oil is oil thatis stable at very temperatures. It’s also a very good electric insulator. Theoil is used in some voltage capacitors, switches and circuit-breakers. In the USA, transformer insulation oil is also used in fluorescent lamp ballasts. It basically insulates. Transformer oil is mostly based on mineral oil.

Why ZANYO?ZANYO – China Oil Purifier Factory

Many products are there in the market.Butthe Zanyo transformer oil filtration machineis very good. Maybe the very best!One reason why the Zanyo transformer oil purifier machine rates high is because Zanyo is a reputed Chinese company that sells a number of products which conserves energy and protects the environment.

All Zanyo products have CE testing and ISO certificates. Zanyo is known for its best services and is a globally recognized company. Its businesses straddle the world stage. Zanyo exports to almost every country. The Zanyo vacuum transformer oil purifier for sale removes moisture, gas and solid impurities from the transformer insulation oil.

The Zanyo transformer oil purifier for sale is suitable for all verities of transformer insulation oils. It also suits the capacitor, mutual inductor, switch and cable. It has a type “T” evaporation tank which is separate from oil tank. This division enhances evaporation efficiency and increases the lifespan of the purifier.

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