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Actually the oil filtration work is a process to remove the gas and any kinds of moisture from the oil. It is a complicated process. You should hire the best factory in this case. There are so many reputed oil filtration factories in China. But Zanyo is the best factory among all. We have played an eminent position is the electrical power industry. We know how to work like a professional. We generally use high class technology in order to purify the oil. We know how to manage the whole process of filtration and purifying. We have expert professionals in our company. We are one of the best China Oil Filtering factories.

The process of oil filtering work:Your-Best-China-Transformer-Oil-Filtration-Factory-ZANYO

Now let’s take a look on the process of oil filtration. We all know that transformer is the main and important asset in the electrical power industry. We use high quality machine in order to perform well and deliver bets quality service as well.

In this process of filtration, we remove the sludge, moisture and gas from the oil. This process can also improve the acidity of the oil. We use these steps in order to purify the oil. These are such as follows:

At first level, we raise the temperature of the oil to a particular level. In general, we use the 65 degree centigrade. This temperature can dissociate the gas and moisture from the oil chamber. We design the heater as per the heating temperature.At the second level, we remove the dirt and sludge from the oil. In this second step, we use either the filter candles process or the centrifuging procedure.At the third step, we use the top quality transformer filter machine to dehydrate transforming oil.

Why should you choose us?

We are the leading provider for oil filtration and purifying solution. We know how to satisfy our customers by providing them the top class services. We can offer our customers so many upgraded and high quality products such as oil filtration machine, oil recycling plant, air dying equipment and oil testing equipment as well.

We use the best quality machine.We focus on the issue of environmental health and energy consumption as well.We have extended our business throughout the world. We have enough reputation in this field as well. We are mainly working with the electrical plants.We also work on the waste disposal plants, chemical and petroleum plants.

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If you want to hire us and get our advanced and high quality products, then you should contact us as soon as possible. You can visit our website as well. Our website address is You can also call us and share your needs and requirements.

You can call us in order to get our advanced and enhanced services. We are the best and well known oil filter machine factory in China. Our products are highly acceptable in the power stations, power plants and power management systems. You are always welcome to visit our work. We are highly obliged to get the chance to serve you better.

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