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How To Use Transformer Oil Filtration System (Ultimate Guide)

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Why do you need a vacuum transformer oil purifier? Does it boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine? An oil purification machine can purify most of the oils. You can also use a lube oil purifier system to treat transformer oil. In the following, we will know more about the lube oil purifier system. We will discuss how it works and the benefits.

WHAT IS TRANSFORMER OIL FILTRATION SYSTEM?11 Transformer_oil_filtration_system_for_Baijia_station

A lube oil purifier system can treat different types of oils that include anti-wear oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, or even high-viscosity lubricating oils. You can use this system to purify the transformer oil that has high water content. You can expect high efficiency from this system. This machine can work its best to dehydrate and remove impurities from any oil. It is worth mentioning that contaminated oils need to go through the purification process to improve their effectiveness.

The lube oil purifier can remove the gas, impurities, acid, moisture, and hydrocarbons from the oil. After the filtration, the oil will be clean and purified for further use. In addition to increased efficiency, treated oils can boost the longevity of your machine.


An oil filtration system can help your transformer to work to its optimum level. It will ensure that the oil is purified and can perform its work efficiently. The transformer oil can be contaminated. The contamination might happen due to water, dirt, sludge, and metals.

The purification process will remove the contaminants from the oil. After this, it will transfer the oil to the reservoir. The oil that will be inside the tank will be purified and cleaned. However, the purification method involves two processes. The first one is known as the centrifugal purification process. It will remove the contaminants from the oil.

The second process is continuous. It can be effective when the first process addresses only a part of the oil from the tank. Other things that include recycling, cleaning, and restoring will be done in the tank itself.


Particle filtration should get the most emphasis to boost the efficiency of any oil. It will remove most of the contaminants from the oil. In some conditions, the machine engineering loopholes cause inefficient filtration. The primary functions of the system outweigh the filtration requirements. Therefore, filtration does not happen, and that leads to inefficiency and malfunctioning. It is worth mentioning that the filtration system does not receive adequate attention during the manufacturing process.

Lube Oil Purifier System ZANYO 01

If the machine can control contaminants initially, they cannot enter the system. There are different types of systems. We can take the example of magnetic filtration, periodic purification system, and centrifugation system. When these machine purifications lack efficiency, the performance will not be up to the expectation.

An oil purifier will remove air, water, acid, and particles during the purification process. Yes, the oil purifier system is effective against different types of contaminants. It purifies oils used in manufacturing, metallurgy, transportation, chemical, and some other industries.ZYL-Lubricating-Oil-Filtration-Machine-02

After the primary filtration process, the oil goes through capillary condensation. The process will make sure that even tiny droplets will be separated and removed from the oil. After this process, it will use a vacuum system. It will eliminate the dissolved water. A heating process and evaporation play a role during this step. The process will evaporate and remove moisture from the oil.

Additionally, a vacuum pump-out will serve the same purpose. The oil will pass through a coarse oil filtration system. Also, the oil will get absorbed through the heating system and the negative vacuum pressure. Apart from that, it uses a degassing tank during the heating process. It will separate the water.

From the above, it is evident that an oil filtration system uses different processes. It can remove some specific contaminants from the oil. The system separates water, gas, dirt, and many other things to completely purify the oil for future use.


An oil purification machine features an advanced system. Also, the system gets connected to the oil tank to ensure efficient filtration both online and offline. It will have an oil-water separation system and advanced vacuumed technology to speed up the filtration process. Also, both will work with high efficiency to offer better filtration solutions. A full-fledged filtration system can purify the oil while removing all the contaminants. The machine will provide complete purification through a continuous filtering process. Furthermore, there will be a defoaming and heating system to ensure the best outcome.

The benefit of a heating system is that it will help with uniform heating. That means it will heat the oil uniformly in the machine. Apart from that, the defoaming system will offer the required stability and safety to the purifier machine.

The objective is to remove all the impurities and boost the efficiency of the old oil. After the filtration, the oil will work more effectively. As a result, the machines can last longer and satisfy with improved performance. There will be different filtration processes to offer optimal outcomes.

In addition to the above parts, there will be a condensing system. The system will ensure proper coolness for gas or moist air. All these will contribute to the durability and efficiency of the end product.


An oil filtration system can boost the efficiency and longevity of a transformer and similar machines. The contaminated oil will not only impact the efficiency, but it will also affect the durability of a transformer. When the oil is contaminated, the machine will have to work hard to offer the desired functionality. As a result, it might not last long. Hence, you can use an oil purifier machine to purify the oil. With this simple process, one can avoid oil replacement costs.

It is worth mentioning that transformer oil can be contaminated in different ways. In that condition, an oil purifier system can remove contaminants from the oil. It can remove both solids and water from the oil through the single purification process. After cleaning, there will be noticeable differences in the functioning and maintenance costs of the transformer.

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