Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYD-II-200 Transformer Oil Purifier with the capacity is 12000L/Hr. it is widely used in oil purification and hot oil vacuum drying when various large transformer equipment installation and maintenance. It can effectively remove moisture, gas, solid impurity from old or new transformer oil, to improve the flash point and dielectric strength value of insulation oil. it can increase the dielectric insulation value more than 35KV at one time. It suits for purifying insulation oil which it from 110KV-500KV or above high voltage and ultra high voltage transformer, it also suitable for deep filtering of high grade new insulation oil and imported insulation oil.

ZYD-II-200 Transformer Oil Purifier equipped with double stages vacuum pump, one is vacuum pump, the other is booster vacuum pump. Under high vacuum condition, cooperated with three dimensional flash rapid evaporation system, Machine works more efficiently.

ZYD-II-200 with the functions of dehydration, degassing, acid value removal, free carbon removal, etc. It can also be used as an independent vacuum source for vacuum drying, vacuum oil filling of transformer equipment.

Working Principle

Transformer Oil Filtration machine adopts the technology of vacuum separation, precision filtration, molecular adsorption, vacuum drying, transformer oil recycling, to remove the moisture, solid particles, free carbon, acid value, colloid, etc.. after oil purifying, the insulation oil can be used again as new oil with good color.


  • Removing Moisture. The final treated oil can achieve less than 3ppm
  • Degassing. The final treated oil can achieve less than ≤0.05%
  • Removing Particles. The final treated oil can achieve1 micrometer
  • Vacuum oil injecting
  • Vacuum drying equipment for transformers
  • Vacuum purification online work, unattended operation.

Technical Features

  • ZYD-II double stages vacuum insulation oil filtration machine is compacted process design, it is convenient to move.
  • Adopting many innovative designs from oil purifier industrial at home and abroad, it is at the leading level in oil treatment technology and equipment performance, with characteristics of high working vacuum, high oil purifying efficiency and high precision.
  • Control System: Optimized design of control interlock protection device, overpressure alarm and protection, phase sequence protection, to ensure whole machine working stably for a long time. Automatic pressure alarm system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic bubble elimination system, automatic protection of blowout prevention and other advanced technologies, to ensure the safe operation of untended operation.
  • Degassing And Dehydration System: Adopting advanced atomizing system, three-dimensional separation tower and flash evaporation technology, it can quickly remove moisture and gas from the oil by forming parabolic in the special designed vacuum tank.
  • Oil Filtration System: Adopt high quality filter element, multi-stage precise filtration, and level-by-level encryption technology, which can remove fine impurities and absorb large amount of pollution. Primary filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly without secondary pollution. High precision filtering element, fine accuracy is 1 micron(optional: 0.5 micron),β≥1000.
  • Heating System: by using of high quality heating elements, excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability, viscosity resistance, insulation, chemical resistance and wear resistance. The safe and reliable carbon fiber heating system with the functions of quickly heating, heating uniform, etc..
  • Oil Transferring System: adopt to choose different type of oil pump according to the oil quality and oil viscosity. Special material and special performance curve ensure that oil flowing will never cause gap discharge to bring acetylene, oil treatment process and equipment performance is in the leading position.
  • Transformer Oil Recycling System(optional): It can quickly remove carbon deposition from transformer oil which caused by arc, to make the inferior oil quality reach new oil standard.
  • Optional Configuration: PLC control, touch screen, moisture sensor, BDV Oil tester, enclosed doors, mobile trailer, lights, tool box, special frame designing, etc.

Technical Parameters

Transformer Oil Purifier

Technical Performance

After oil filtration treatment, the following indexes are achieved:

Breakdown Voltage Value ≥70KV
Fine Filter Precision ≤1-3μm
Gas Content ≤0.05%
Water Content ≤3ppm
Working Temperature 40-70℃
Working Vacuum ≤133pa
Ultimate Vacuum ≤5pa

Optional Configuration

Vacuum Pump: Atlas, Leybold ,Busch,Joysun,Hokaido Etc.

Oil Pump: Italy Seim Screw Oil Pump, Germany KRACHT, Tianjin Screw Oil Pump, Etc.

Electrical: Siemens, Schneider

Other : PLC Controlling System, Enclosed Doors,

Oil Testers: BDV Oil Tester, Moisture Sensor, Flow Meter Etc.

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