Performance and Usages

ZYD-II 4200L/Hr High Vacuum Dielectric Oil Purification System adopts touch screen, It has fine performance. reasonable structure, during operation processing, it allows adjustment of two types of manual and automatic mode of operation

ZYD-II is Double Stages High Vacuum Dielectric Oil Purification System, efficiently remove moisture, gas and impurities from insulation oil, and improve oil dielectric insulation value and oil quality, to ensure the safety of power equipment.

ZYD-II is especially suitable for deep treating of the high grade transformer oil, ultra high transformer oil, it especially suits for purifying transformer oil from 110KV and above 110KV UHV power transmission and distribution projects;

Purifying Mediums

Transformer Oil,
Capacitor Oil,
Reactor Oil,
Switching Oil,
Refrigerating Oil, Etc.

Equipment Appearance

Equipment Appearance


  • Removing Moisture. The final treated oil can achieve less than 3ppm
  • Degassing. The final treated oil can achieve less than ≤0.05%
  • Removing Particles. The final treated oil can achieve1 micrometer
  • Vacuum oil injecting
  • Vacuum drying equipment for transformers
  • Vacuum purification online work, unattended operation.

Technical Parameters

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Technical Performance

Optional Configuration

Vacuum Pump: Atlas, Leybold ,Busch,Joysun,Hokaido Etc.

Oil Pump: Italy Seim Screw Oil Pump, Germany KRACHT, Tianjin Screw Oil Pump, Etc.

Electrical: Siemens, Schneider

Other : PLC Controlling System, Enclosed Doors,

Oil Testers: BDV Oil Tester, Moisture Sensor, Flow Meter Etc.

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