Project Description

Performance and Usages

The ZYSCKF105 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrators is an used for Coulometric water determination according to Karl Fischer. The instrument is designed for usage as a titrator in analytical laboratories. Its main application field is volumetric titration. it is the standard of GB/T7600 production.

The present instrument is suitable for processing chemicals and flammable samples. The usage of  this titrators therefore requires that the user has basic knowledge and experience in the handling of toxic and caustic substances. Knowledge with respect to the application of the fire prevention measures prescribed for laboratories is also mandatory.

Safety Instructions

  • Warning: This instrument may only be operated in accordance with the specifications in this documentation.
  • Warning: An incorrect mains voltage can damage the instrument.Only operate this instrument with a mains voltage specified for it (see rearpanel of the instrument).
  • Warning: Never open the housing of the instrument. The instrument could be damaged by this. There is also a risk of serious injury if live components are touched. There are no parts inside the housing which can be serviced or replaced by the user.

Technical Parameters

ZYSCKF105 Coulometric Karl Fischer titrators

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