Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYBC-IV Transformer Ratio Tester is specially designed for three-phase transformer in power system, especially for transformer of Z shape winding and some other transformers whose zero-load current is relatively high.

The tester has wide testing range, fast testing speed, favorable repeatability, flexible data processing, convenient connection, complete protection, and it is easy to manage and convenient to operate.

Technical Features

  • Applicable to transformers connected in Z type.
  • Two output voltages are optional and applicable to transformer whose zero-load current is relatively high.
  • Has wide testing range and the highest transformation ratio may reach 10,000.
  • Automatically calculate tap position
  • Fast speed, for three-phase, only 18 seconds needed.
  • Favorable repeatability
  • Save 99 data at most automatically
  • Flexible data processing, including retrieval, print, transfer to U-disk, delete and upload to PC computer for testing
  • There are transformer short-circuit protection and inter-turn short-circuit protection functions. In case of short circuit, relevant information will be displayed on the LCD screen in characters.
  • The upper computer could control the whole testing process, save data.

Technical Parameters

ZYBC-IV Transformer Ratio Tester

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