Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYHW Insulation Resistance Tester takes computer technology as kernel, LSI combined with digital circuit, equipped with strong measurement and data processing software; finish the insulation resistance, voltage tests, with stable features, easy to operate.

Technical Features

  • Automatic releases the voltage.
  • Data transmission by USB
  • With function of back light, convenient to working in dark circumstance.
  • Test results displayed in bar pattern.
  • HV indicating symbol and red warning light.
  • Auto power off:
  • If without operation in 15 minutes after finished the test, it will auto power off
  • Store 18 groups data.
  • Time setting: to test within 15 minutes of the setting time
  • COMP measurement (comparing function)
  • Polarization index test
  • PI test can between any two time, auto test the resistance ratio according the setting.
  • Error limit: ± (a% reading + character), warranty: one year
  • Temperature :23±5 ℃
  • Relative humidity: 45~75%RH.

Technical Parameters

ZYHW Insulation Resistance Tester 01

Voltage test

ZYHW Insulation Resistance Tester 02

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