Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYDMT is Automatic Gas Dewpoint Meter, it adopts the Vaisala company DRYCAP ® humidity sensor, the sensor is accurate and reliable in the whole range measurement, and has excellent long-term stability, it is not affected by dust particles and most of the chemical pollution. It is suitable in industrial environment. ZYDMT Automatic Gas Dewpoint Meter is good choice for environment industries.


Technical Features

1. Vaisala company DRYCAP ® humidity sensor.
2. Long-term, stable, reliable, high repeatability.
3. Wide measuring range, high precision and quick response.
4. It has removing chemicals option: probe are not affected in the condensation.
5. special chemical pollution, oil and gas, and most of the environment.
6. Adopt protection air chamber, the patent technology to speed up the measurement.
7. Real-time measurement curve.
8. Automatically perform zero calibration.
9. Small in size, intelligentialize.
10. Big data storage and query functions.
11. AC/DC, built-in lithium battery, last longer time.
12. Pressure measurement function, measurable inlet pressure.

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