Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYP Plate Pressure Oil Purification Device is specially designed for power plant, power station, industrial and mining, power transmission and distribution, cement, metallurgy, national defense industry and other industrials. it is mainly used to filter transformer oil, turbine oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, gear oil, machinery oil and other lubricants moisture and impurities, it also can be used for purifying cooking oil. It is an ideal pre-filtration equipment for vacuum oil purifier and turbine oil filtration machine. For gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other non-lubricating oils, we can choose special materials and special motor according to the needs of users.

ZYP Plate Pressure Oil Purification Device is composed of filter bed, oil pump, motor and coarse filter. Filter paper or filter cloth is the filtering medium. The filter plate and filter frame are fixed and form a separated filtering chamber by the help of pressure from the manual screw compression device. Filter paper or filter cloth removing particles and moisture.

ZYP Plate Pressure Oil Purification Device has a simple structure, convenient filter replacement, high filtration precision, easy operation, low cost.

Technical Features

  • The carbon steel body can be used for purifying industrial oil, or cooking oil for biodiesel.
  • ZYP is mainly composed of filtering bed, oil pump and primary-filtering components.
  • ZYP uses filter paper as filter medium, different filtration precisions choosing different filter paper.
  • High filtration precision, simple structure, easy operation, low operation cost.

Technical Parameters

cooking oil purifier

Optional parts 


Paper Punches

Oil Filter Paper

Oil Pipe

Air-Blast Type Electric Heating Oven Or Electric Oven

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