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ZYL Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine is widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power boiler and blower lubricating oil, transportation, subway, machinery manufacturing and other industries. It is mainly used for purification of unqualified lubricating oil such as hydraulic oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigerating oil, pump truck hydraulic oil, engineering truck hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc.

ZYL Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine is a multi-function oil filtration machine ,specially designed for purifying various kinds of lubricating oil, and which can quickly remove impurities, moisture, gas, light hydrocarbon and acid from used oil, and it improves oil quality and restores performances of lubricating oil. Especially for Hydraulic oil which is serious turbidity emulsification, After filtration treatment, it becomes clear and transparent, to ensure normal operation of hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system.

Service oil range:

lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, furnace oil, compressor oil,mineral oil,refrigeration oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, pump truck hydraulic oil, engineering truck hydraulic oil, gear oil, other industrial oils

Purified Oil:

Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

Technical Features

  • This machine is advanced in process designing. When connected with hydraulic oil tank, oil station process, it can performance of online oil filtration processing or offline oil filtration processing. High degree of automation, compact volume, flexible and convenient to move.
  • Oil-Water Separation System: ZANYO adopted German vacuum separation technology and three-dimensional spiral atomization flash evaporation technology. machine can quickly separate water and gas from oil.
  • Filtration System: advanced magnetic filtration system, which is used for removing solid particles and fine iron substances from oil medium, and which can effectively control the contamination degree of iron impurities. High temperature resistance, good mechanical strength, meet requirements of high viscosity oil, and expand the range of purification oil.
  • Oil Filter Element: The filter element can be imported from America, Germany and Britain, etc. multi-stage precise filtration system ,level-by-level encryption technology, reused, which can prevent the fine impurities and absorb large amount of pollution.
  • Heating system; Safe and reliable heating technology, to ensure uniform oil heating and stabile energy consumption and saving.
  • Defoaming device: it is automatically defoaming system, to ensure operation safely and stably.
  • Condensing system: ZANYO Adopted advanced strong air cooling technology and medium condensing device, it can quickly cooling, to help separated gas. moisture from oil and extend the machine lifetime.
  • Control System: Optimized designing of controlling interlock protection device, overpressure protection, phase sequence protection, overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system and automatic blowout prevention protection, guarantee the safety of operation.

Hydraulic Oil Contamination Effects

  • Air: it accelerates the oxidation of oil; produces oil foam during the process of heating and cooling; reduces rigidity of oil system, prolongs action response time, in this way, the lubrication system components are damage due to cavitations.
  • Water: it is a common pollutant in oil, it makes oil turbid, oxidation, formation of water-soluble acid, additive precipitation, viscosity reduction. finally, oil lubrication performance reducing.
  • Solid Particles:it can severely damage system components, causing a chain reaction of machine wearing and tearing.

Lube Oil Filtration Machine Working

ZYL machine can remove 100% free water and 95% dissolved water; It also removes 100% free gas and 95% dissolved gas, and 96% particulate impurities.

Lubricating Oil Purification Machine Technical Parameters

Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

Optional Configuration

Vacuum Pump: Atlas, Leybold ,Busch,Joysun,Hokaido Etc.

Oil Pump: Italy Seim Screw Oil Pump, Germany KRACHT, Tianjin Screw Oil Pump, Etc.

Electrical: Siemens, Schneider

Other : PLC Controlling System, Enclosed Doors,

Oil Testers: BDV Oil Tester, Moisture Sensor, Flow Meter Etc.

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