Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYJL-K  Portable Oil Filter Cart (Trolley Oil Filter). ZYJL-K is mainly designed for simple filtration and liquid transportation. It is suitable for filtering out mechanical impurities and other powder particles. It is light weight and dexterous, widely used, long lifetime, no pollution, high filtration accuracy and working stability. Portable Oil Filtration device is widely applied in electric power, railway, smelting, steel rolling, aviation, mining and cooking, other industries. It mainly used for deep filtration of insulating oil, hydraulic oil, anti-rust oil, turbine oil, machinery oil, compressor oil, spindle oil and cooking oil, other special functions of liquid oil.

Oil tank is option, it can move very easily and it can work outdoor.

Working Principle

Under the pressure difference between internal and external ,oil passes through inlet valve to the first filter. The large particle impurities are filtered out, and then enter secondary filter system, small particle impurities are filtered out, finally, oil goes through high precise filter system to remove fine impurities from oil, then we get the clean oil.

Technical Features

The machine is small size, light weight, high-lift, stable performance, environmental protection, energy-saving and easy to replace filters. it can be used as oiling machine for long distance and high-lift oiling works, particularly suitable for use in the Field.

Technical Parameters

Portable Oil Filter Cart

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