Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYH Waste Oil Recycling System is mainly for regenerating the waste engine oil, black lube oil, and other industrial oil. ZYH Oil Recycling System can effective separate water, gas, particles, deeply oxides, free carbon, colloid, asphalt and wax from oil, making black waste oil become transparent golden color. ZYH oil recycling plant has the functions of dewatering, degassing, decoloring. To improve the engine oil’s properties, restoring the oil’s performance and lowering wear to ensure the engine can work normally and safely, prolonging the engine and engine oil lifetime.

Working Principle

Waste oil is pumped into reaction system through oil pump, adding certain amounts of flocculant and de-coloring additives into it, mixing and heating. Then with electric-charged particulate becomes big one under the effect of coacervation in waste oil by physical, chemical and sorption effects. At the same time, harmful gas is removed through the effect of degassing and dewatering, then cooling and filtering. After that, the oil enters into high precision strainer to filter off impurities; finally purified oil with regeneration like base oil is formed.

Technical Features

  • Gas treatment device combined with air filter and vacuum degassing, dewatering to remove the odor and water.
  • Vacuum degassing, dewatering, removing particles make sure effectively improve oil properties, restoring oil performance.
  • Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe, and reliable.
  • Compact structure, reasonable layout, small space applied, large output.
  • Closed type filtering system use stainless steel mesh, reliable, no pollution. Two filtering units can realize continuous production.
  • Use of special chemicals to eliminate oil-ion’s charge polarity, collecting oil-ions and separating out them, removing colloid, asphalt and other chemical compounds.
  • High quality electric parts, good performance, safe and reliable(Siemens, Schneider are options).

Technical Parameters

Waste Oil Recycling System

Regenerated oil Index

Waste Oil Recycling System

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