Project Description

ZYG-B Fully Automatical Waste Oil Refinery Plant For Sale

Oil Recycling System Applications:

The ZYG-B waste oil recycling plant is one kind of vacuum distillation machine which  is special for titillating and recycling  the black waste oil, including waste engine oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, dirty diesel oil, mixed oils etc.

ZYG-B waste oil recycling plant can  effectively separate the waste oil to gasoline oil, waster, diesel oil, and lubricating base oil under vacuum-Pyrolysis.

During the distillation process, liquid waste oil transforms to oil-gas under the vacuum distillation state under high temperature, then oil-gas transform to liquid oil again after through the oil cooling system, the production can be the gasoline oil, diesel oil ,water, and lubricating base oil.

ZYG-B waste oil recycling plant  also with the filtration system. It can  effectively remove the wear debris, asphalt, wax quality, impurities, moisture, acid and get rid of carbon particles, deep oxides which disperse in oil.

The final oil will be in good color and quality.

The Distillation Principle:

The machine works under 350C of the vacuum condition, the Hydrocarbon molecules breaks out, then combination together, the diesel, gasoline, lube base oil coming out at different temperature.

For this machine, we will design the special machine for each user as per user’s demand.

Oil Recycling Machine Features

1. Low cost, cost is 20$ for refine one tons used motor oil.

2. Easy to operate, low operation cost, only 1- 2 workers can control the machine.

3. The machine can recycle  all kinds of engine oil(gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil lubricants etc.).

4. Environmental friendly. No secondary pollution during treatment, No waste gas, No disposal of water, and oil sludge can be used as fuel.

5. High recycling rate up to 95%.

6. Efficient vacuum systems.

7.High quality refined oil, no any discoloration caused by oxidation, no any bad smelling.

About BEST Oil Treatment

We manufacture of all kinds of oil recycling machinery.

After 10 years of the study of the waste oil recycling, we mature technologies and skillful workmanship, we can make all the details of the machine perfectly. And we can design the machines according to customers’ special requirements.

Long time of the quality warranty, and15-30 days of free installation and  free training onsite. (big machine with longer free installation time, please contact with our sales worker, if you have any doubts)

Warranty And Our Service

100% brand new, 12 months quality warranty(any of the damage caused by buyer shall not be responsible by seller)quality guaranty.

We also can extend the warranty time according to the specials design and customers requirements. (please contact with our sales for details)

Free Services

  • Overseas installation guiding service
  • Machine maintenance and replacement guiding service.
  • Quality warranty is 12 month, we provide lifetime technical assistant.
  • Old customer service(talk with our sales)

About Catalyst

The main function of the Catalyst is to keep the recycled oil stabilization, such as to avoid the recycled oil oxidation and color change back to black.

About The Residue

There is very little residue from the oil recycling plant. It is like semi solid.

The usages of the residue:

  1. For producing asphalt,
  2. Making the briquette for burning or industrial using.
  3. Producing greases for industrial machines.
  4. Heavy fuel oil.

About The Vacuum Distillation

Vacuum pressure is negative pressure, when the oil is distillated in the distillation kettle, the boiling rage is lower under the high vacuum condition, that is to say, oil will be distillated into gas state under low temperature. In this way, it can protect the oil quality, also, saving energy

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