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500L Waste Engine Oil Recycling Machine For Sale

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500L  Waste Engine Oil Disposal Machine is the smallest model of Waste Black Waste Engine Oil Disposal Machine is waste lubricant oil vacuum distillation plant is a newly developed product, it adopt latest technologies to recycle all kinds of waste oil. it rapidly extract light and heavy distillates from different fractions by given different temperatures control along with ZANYO own formulated catalyst compound.

The end product after distillation could be adjusted into new lubricating base oil.

About The Waste Oil Pollutant Components

Water: Fuel burns to CO2 and H2O.

For every liter of fuel burnt, a liter of water is created.

This normally passes out through the exhaust when the engine is hot, but when cold it can run down and collect in the oil. This leads to sludge formation and rust.

Soot and carbon: These make the oil go black.

They form as the result of incomplete combustion, especially during warm-up with a rich mixture Lead. Tetraethyl lead, which used to be used as an anti-knock agent in petrol, passes into the oil.

A typical used engine oil may have contained up to 2% lead, but today any lead comes from bearing wear and is likely to be in the 2 – 12 ppm range.

Fuel: Unborn gasoline or diesel can pass into the lubricant, again especially during start-up.

Abrasives Road dust: This passes into the engine through the air-cleaner.
Composed of mall particles of silicates. Wear metals. Iron, copper and aluminum released due to normal engine wear.

Chemical products: Oxidation products.

Some of the oil molecules, at elevated temperatures, will oxidize to form complex and corrosive organic acids. Depleted additive remnants

Vacuum Distillation Processing

Around 55℃, gasoline start to release form the waste oil.

Around 90-100C, water released from the waste oil.

Around 110℃ – 220℃, diesel released from the batch.

Around 220°C-300°C, Light base oil are distilled out

Around 300℃ -350℃., the heavy base oil distills out

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Waste Oil Vacuum Distillation Plant

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