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Oil filtration accuracy, the oil filter efficiency and β value are important indicators to measure the oil filter performance, but there are still many customers do not know these very well, let’s give you popular science on oil filtration accuracy, oil filtration efficiency and β value related content

The unit of oil filtration accuracy is μm, oil filtration accuracy Xμm which represents the minimum value of impurities that need to be filtered in your hydraulic system X, For example, the filtration accuracy requirement is 5μm, that is, the hydraulic system requires filtering out impurities above 5μm diameter to ensure the normal operation of the system..

Oil Filtration Precision Efficiency

There are many bases for oil filtration accuracy, which can be:

1. ISO cleanliness grade standard for oil (can be preliminary judged according to the type of hydraulic oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, etc.)Minimum requirements for impurity size for precision components in the system.

2.Filter position in hydraulic system

3.Each system will specify the filtering accuracy at the beginning of the design, and can not be changed easily. If you simply pursue high filtering accuracy, it will cause loss to the system. The filtration accuracy higher than the system standard will reduce the fluidity of hydraulic oil, Lower flow rate will increase pressure, resulting in system high temperature, roar and other problems.
In addition, the oil filter element with high filtration accuracy is more easily blocked, which reduces the service life of the filter element and increases the replacement frequency and cost. If the filtration accuracy is too low to achieve the purpose of filtration, it will accelerate the wear of the machine. Therefore, if your filter will not be blocked, long service life, it is not necessarily a good thing.

In addition, it should be noted that the oil filtration accuracy required by the system must be tested to determine the actual oil filtration accuracy of the filter material.(Nominal filtration accuracy: some filters indicating that impurities of 5μm diameter can be filtered may actually filter impurities of more than 10μm diameter by detection)
β value is the most commonly used index to express filtering performance accurately. β value refers to the number of particles larger than a certain size (Xμm) in the oil at the inlet of the filter, and the ratio of the number of particles larger than a certain size (Xμm) in the oil at the outlet of the filter.  As a result, the greater the β filter ratio, the higher the oil filtration efficiency. The filtering efficiency is expressed by the β value, and the percentage of filtering efficiency η=(1-1/βx)*100%

The hydraulic(or turbine) system requires 10μm,oil filtration accuracy. Then, the filtration performance of β10=20 and β10=200 is different, The conversion to a percentage of filtration efficiency is more intuitive :β10=20, its filtration efficiency η=(1-1/20)100%=95.00%); β10=200, its filtration efficiency η = (1-1/200)*100% = 99.50%.Obviously ,99.50% filtering is certainly better.

Theoretically, by optimizing the oil filtration performance, the β value can be higher and higher, but in practice, because of the complex factors, the β value is not fixed, there will be some changes. If there is still confusion about this, you can see more detailed about β worth content. Also, welcome to contact with CHONGQING ZANYO or search “ZANYO” in Google. you can talk more about the oil filtration factors with our engineers.

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