Project Description

Performance and Usages

In order to thoroughly solve the problem that there is mass water in the hydraulic pressure system, speed regulating system, and lubricant system of steam turbine, ZANYO adopts international advanced “coalescence separation” dehydration technology and develops ZYJ-series Coalescence Separation Type Fuel Oil Filtration Machine.

Integrated with high precision filtration and efficient dehydration, it can effectively remove particle pollutants, emulsified water, dissolved water, free water from oil. the cleanness of oil filtration accuracy can reach NAS 4-6 Grade. Realize continuous operation and unattended, comparing with pressure type, centrifugal type, vacuum type oil filtration machines, ZYJ-series Coalescence Separation Type Fuel Oil Filtration Machine has its own superiority.

ZYJ-series Coalescence Separation Type Fuel Oil Filtration Machine is also for purifying light oil, fuel oil, gasoline, etc.

Technical Features

  • Efficiently to remove all oil-water emulsified structures from oil.
  • Free water from oil was removed, and water content after treatment is less than 100PPM.
  • To filter solid particles from oil, cleanliness is up to NAS6 or better.
  • Adopt precision filtration and efficient dehydration.
  • High filtration accuracy, large pollution absorption capacity, long lifetime of filter element, high efficiency of dehydration.
  • No heating,no vacuum and no high speed centrifugal, low energy consumption, low operating cost.
  • Do not change the physical and chemical properties of oil, extend life time of oil.
  • Filter element failure alarm, electrical overload interlock protection. And it has function of alarm remote transmission.
  • Online operation,PLC control, unttended operaiotn.
  • Large capacpty and continuous treatment.

Outstanding Feature

No heating system and vacuum source.

Technical Parameters

Coalescence Separation Oil Purifier

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