Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYCF Centrifugal Turbine Oil Purifier is mainly used to remove free water and mechanical impurities from lubricating oil, turbine oil, heavy fuel oil. It cannot be used to filtering dissolved water from oil and the density difference between oil and water must be bigger than 1%. It is widely used in purification of ship fuel oil and turbine oil in power plant, to quickly separate water and impurities from oil, to ensure the safety operation of equipment. ZYCF Centrifugal Turbine Oil Purifier is also used for purification of hydraulic oil, gear oil, refrigerating oil, internal combustion engine oil, heat treatment oil, lube oil and the other lubricating oil which contains large water content, mass impurities and serious emulsified, to restore performance of oil.

Centrifugal specific gravity separation is superior to precipitation separation and filtration separation, which is one of the most advanced oil filtering methods today. The machine can be connected with oil system for continuous operation, to remove mass water and solid particles from oil.


  • The speed of separator is up to 8300 RPM, to ensure good separation effect.
  • No filter material structure, no consumable cost
  • Adopt heat exchanger, heating power can be reduced by more than 50%, saving energy greatly.


  • Equipment price is slightly high.
  • It cannot remove dissolved water from oil.

Technical Parameters

Centrifugal Turbine Oil Purifier

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