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How To Use Transformer Oil Recycle Purification System

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What Is A Transformer Oil Purification System?

Transformer oil helps to keep a transformer cool. But, after continuous usages, the oil loses its dielectric properties. Then, you just can’t use the oil.

If you are going to waste this oil, then you may have to buy gallons of oils. Hence, you should use a transformer oil purification system.

This oil recycling system can separate all the impurities from the used oil. Then, through a chemical process, you can get fresh oil. This system can restore almost 90% of your used transformer oil.

As a result, you don’t have to buy gallons of oil. You can purify your transformer oil and you can use the oil in your transformer.

How To Use A Transformer Oil Recycle Purification System?

Step One – Assess The Degradation Level

Waste Oil Recycling System

The first step is to assess the condition of your used oil. Used oil can have different levels of viscosity, acidity, and sludge. Apart from that dielectric strength, flash point, dissipation factor, and water content are also there.

Hence, you have to test your used transformer oil. After testing, you can know the exact degradation level of your oil. Sulfur, interfacial tension, and breakdown voltage tests can tell you everything about your transformer oil.

Step Two – Choose An Oil Purification System

You can go for oil regeneration and oil recycling system. Oil regeneration is different from oil recycling. An oil recycling plant can transform your used oil into some other form of oil.

For example – you can recycle used transformer oil and the system can turn it into lubricant oil. The oil may not retain its original properties. But, you can still use it.

Oil regeneration means restoring your used oil almost to its previous condition. In this process, acidic content, water content, and impurities are removed from the used oil. As a result, you can use it again in your transformer.

So, before using an oil purification system, you should know about the processes.

Step Three – Purify Used Oil

After choosing the purification method, you have to start the purification process. Some oil purifiers can work online. This means you don’t have to stop your transformer to start the purification process.

However, there are various types of oil recycling/reformation systems in the market. You should always choose a purification system that can efficiently purify transformer or machine oil. Moreover, the process shouldn’t involve unlawful steps. Otherwise, your country’s law can fine you. Hence, choose an oil purifier that uses a legitimate process.

Why Should You Choose ZANYO Transformer Oil Recycle System and Oil Regeneration System?

1) Cutting Edge Filtration Process


The most important part of an oil purifier is its purification process. Only the high-quality filtration process can restore oil properties.

ZANYO oil purifier uses an advanced multi-level oil filtration process. It can remove and neutralize all kinds of acidic substances. Moreover, this purifier has tiny pores. These pores can absorb sludge in the used oil. In a word, oxidation stability and oil clarification are restored.

Different types of contaminants, fee substances, and chemical substances can make your transformer oil almost non-usable. But, the ZANYO oil purifier uses the right breakdown voltage and flash point to purify your oil perfectly.

ZANYO also manufactures cooking oil purifiers and other oil filtration systems. Therefore, ZANYO has vast experience in oil purification systems.

2) High Voltage Transformer Oil Regeneration

Transformers use high-voltage cooling oils. High voltage transformer oil has corrosion pollution, colloid, and sediments. Hence, all oil purifiers can’t filter them.

ZANYO transformer oil purifier is capable of purifying and filtering high voltage transformer oil. These filters can regenerate 500 kV to 1000 kV high voltage used oil. Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to regenerate the oil of powerful transformers.

3) Low Power Consumption

Traditional oil purifiers use heavy voltage to purify transformer oil. As a result, businesses fail to profit from these purification systems.

ZANYO and its ZYR series don’t consume too much power. These oil purifiers use a lower amount of power (up to 90% less) than the traditional purifiers. So, you don’t have to pay high energy bills after using ZANYO oil purifiers.


4) Fast Process and Low Oil Wastage

These transformer oil purifiers use the latest oil purification processes. This system has a regeneration tank. The tank balances the oxidation level and it doesn’t harm the basic properties of the oil. Moreover, these purifiers reduce the loss factor. Hence, it can restore almost 90% of your used transformer oil.

ZANYO knows that industrial sectors require everything within a short time. That’s why these filters involve a fast oil filtration process. The special absorbent inside these purifiers can purify and regenerate used oil fast. Even, the filters can be used online.

Vacuum hot oil drying and deep purification are also done by these purifiers within a short period. Hence, these oil purifiers are perfect for your used transformer oil.

5) Works Without Harming The Environment

Many oil regeneration systems cause pollution. They use harmful chemicals and inferior quality filtration processes. But, the ZANYO transformer oil recycle system uses an A-grade filtration process. These machines are built by applying excellent quality engineering. That’s why these oil purifiers don’t harm the environment.

Some places have strict rules against pollution. Hence, these purifiers are built with good environmental protection processes. Therefore, you can use them on your business site without any hesitation.

6) Filters Clean Oil

After prolonged usages, your transformer oil loses its color. You can inspect it visually. The oil becomes thick with sludge and carbon substances.

ZANYO oil purification system uses the right filtration process to remove all these impurities. After the purification process, you can see the clear oil coming out. The color of the oil will be good and it will be excellently regenerated. So, these ZYR oil purifiers are ideal for your transformer oil recycling process.


These transformer oil purifiers can successfully remove acidic substances, sediments, and sludges. They don’t require high energy consumption and they have fabulous filters. As a result, these oil purifiers can regenerate and recycle transformer oil efficiently and perfectly.

These purifiers have superb designs and they don’t waste oil. Therefore, you can rely on these oil recycling devices without any doubt. So, use these transformer oil recycling plants and touch high-profit levels.

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