Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYE Insulation Oil Vacuum Injector is also called Vacuum Oil Injector.
It is mainly used for oil filling transformer, power transformer, switch circuit breaker, conduit and on-load switch, etc.. it can meet requirements of vacuum oil injection regulations. It is mainly composed of vacuum pump, oil injection pump, filter, oil & gas separation system, electrical control system and valves of various specifications.

ZYE Insulation Oil Vacuum Injector adopts advanced control technology, high quality filter and efficient vacuum pump, It is automatic vacuum and oil filling, So effectively control water content in insulating oil. It is widely used in electric power system of electric current, voltage transformer as CT, PT) .

After  periodically taking  sample testing, It need to add  oil for the oil level lower of CT and PT. It solves the traditional method of artificial filling oil caused by adsorption air in CT and PT coil , or the problem of false oil level caused by residual air. In all operating process without any air bubbles, It not need to stop using PT/CT.

Technical Features

Small size, reliable performance, convenient operation, greatly reduces the labor intensity and work harder, to ensure the safety of the equipment operation.

The ZYE  online vacuum injectors is mainly composed of special connector, oil pump, oil tank, rough filter, electric heater, fine filter, liquid level sensor, temperature sensor, vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, valve group and the control system.

Technical Performance

  • Online filling oil, adjust the oil level Automatic keep vacuum degree
  • High efficient remove particles of impurities
  • Automatic constant temperature heating micro water
  • Overpressure protection system
  • Step by step by  hand or automatic control
  • Operating vacuum: ≤133Pa , limit vacuum: ≤7Pa

Technical Parameters

Insulation Oil Vacuum Injector