Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYV Vacuum Pumping System, the working vacuum is less than 133Pa, the ultimate vacuum is less than 5Pa. The unit is fast starting and large pumping speed, etc. It can be used for vacuum extraction, applied in industries such as vacuum metallurgy, welding, chemical industry, petroleum and vacuum system, especially used for vacuum extraction in power equipment such as transformers.

Technical Features

The machine adopts special Roots pump and vacuum pump, so the vacuum pumping speed and pressure, are obviously better than any other devices. ZYV equips an electrical control system and a cooling water system.

It adopts automatic vacuum relay for automatic control.

It equipped with vacuum pump oil circulation filter and circulating water cooling device, to ensure that vacuum pump oil is not aged, circulating water to keep the pump with normal temperature.

If clients required larger extraction rates, we can equip two roots pumps, machine is available for faster extraction under high vacuum condition.

Vacuum Extraction System

Vacuum Extraction System

Technical Parameters

Vacuum Evacuation System

Optional Configuration

Germany Leybold Vacuum Gauge

Germany Robert RBT Ball Valve

Double Zone/Single Zone Micro NC Vacuum Gauge