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ZYGD Waste Oil Pyrolysis Machinery


ZYGD Waste Oil Pyrolysis to Diesel oil machinery is mainly used for converting waste engine oil, wast lube oil to diesel fuel by oil distillation (Oil Pyrolysis)processing.

This machine can crack used engine oil, heavy fuel, oil sludge, all kinds of lubricant oil, hydraulic oil, sulfated oil, liquid cooking oil, and the oil from car repair shop, machineries, ship, water pump etc.

After Oil Pyrolysis, the final products is diesel oil, which can be reused directly, such as  ships, trucks, heavy machineries, cars and so on directly. the recovery rate is 80%-95%.

It is not only save energy and it is protecting the environment.

Main Features:

1.High quality recycled oil.

2.High recovery rate, from 80% to 95%.

3.High heat efficiency which can guarantee the oil Oil Pyrolysis processing time. it will produce gas when oil is heated, and those gas will be can be sucked to the furnace for burning.

4.The entire process is absolutely environmental protection without any smoke and smell.

5.We adopted water-circulation type to guarantee the security of the whole system

The flue dust removal system with bidirectional spiral hydrodynamic impact on dust chamber can ensure that soot emission can be reached national standard for effluent discharge.

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  • About BEST Oil Treatment Company:

We manufacture of all kinds of oil recycling machinery.

After 10 years of the study of the waste oil recycling, we mature technologies and skillful workmanship, we can make all the details of the machine perfectly. And we can design the machines according to customers’ special requirements.

Long time of the quality warranty, and15-30 days of free installation and  free training onsite. (big machine with longer free installation time, please contact with our sales worker, if you have any doubts)

  • Consumables Of This Machine

the only consumable of this machine is the catalyst, for the one ton waste oil, it only cost you 5USDollar.

  • The Byproduct Of This Machine

the by products of this machine is gas, water, some oil sludge(residue).
the gas is recycled and used as the fuel sources.
The water is can used as the cooling water.
The oil sludge can make asphalt or as the burning sources.

  • Heating Sources:

customers can choose electricity, coal, gas, diesel as the heating sources.

  • Recovery Rates

the recovery rates are from 80% to 95%.
if any doubts, please contact with our sales worker, we can help you to finger out.

Specifications Of Regenerated Diesel Oil: (please contact with our sales for the details):

Technical parameter

ZYGD Waste Oil Pyrolysis To Diesel Oil Machinery