Project Description

ZYEB Waste Motor Oil Recycling Machine


Waste motor oil recycling machine adopts vacuum distillation process, can recycle about 85% yellow color base oil,5-7% gasoline and diesel oil,5-8% oil sludge under high vacuum and high temperature(around 350℃), it can distillate waste engine oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, dirty diesel oil, mixed oils etc.

Vacuum Distillation Processing

Around 55℃, gasoline start to release form the waste oil.

Around 90-100C, water released from the waste oil.

Around 110℃ – 220℃, diesel released from the batch.

Around 220°C-300°C, Light base oil are distilled out

Around 300℃ -350℃., the heavy base oil distills out

Main Features

1.This oil recycling machine adopts the vacuum distillation technology , oil distillation temperature is low, equipment works in high vacuum.

2.Using new distillation method, distillation, high efficiency, low energy consumption.

3.Little chemical additives during the distillation process, low running costs, no pollution.

4. Main parts can adopt 20 mm thickness steel, long life.

5.This System design, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy maintenance.

6.The residue after treatment can be used as fuel or for other purposes.

7.Oil cooling system combine with water cooling system making the whole system is high cooling efficiency.

8.The machine can continuous produce the gasoline, diesel oil and lubricating base oil.

About The Residue

There is very little residue from the oil recycling plant. It is like semi solid.

The usages of the residue:

1.For producing asphalt,

2.Making the briquette for burning or industrial using.

3.Producing greases for industrial machines.

4.Heavy fuel oil.

About The Vacuum Distillation

Vacuum pressure is negative pressure, when the oil is distillated in the distillation kettle, the boiling rage is lower under the high vacuum condition, that is to say, oil will be distillated into gas state under low temperature. In this way, it can protect the oil quality, also, saving energy.

Technical parameter