Project Description

Performance and Usages

ZYC-I Vacuum Coconut Oil Purifier is professionally designed for purifying new coconut oil. ZYC-I machine with double stages vacuum system, it achieve high vacuum degree. the coconut oil is through degasification, dehydration, filtration processes,  in order to obtain high accuracy. This machine can remove the dissolved gases and moisture, solid particulate and contamination completely, it effectively to improve oil’s quality.

The ZYC-I  Vacuum Coconut Oil Purifier, it removes impurity, odor, water, acid and alcohol etc. from oil completely and effectively. Treated cooking oil color is limpidity, oil is good smell. This filtration plant is suitable for food factory, cooking oil factory, vegetable oil factory, it can help factory reclaim remnants oil.

Technical Features

  • Double stage vacuum: high pumping speed, advanced dehydration and degasification system, Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology, can remove particles, water, degas and hydrocarbon quickly and effectively, to improve the flash point and dielectric strength.
  • Used for transformer installation and inspection, vacuum oil injecting and vacuum drying equipment for transformers.
  • Precise oil filtration system, superior oil filter, Multi-stage precision filtration system, can remove mechanical particles effectively.
  • Advanced constant temperature control system, auto level control system, auto defoaming system, pressure protecting system to make sure the high-performance of the machine.
  • Vacuum purification online work, unattended operation.
  • Humanization design, low noise, simple operation, long interval of maintenance time and low energy consumption.
  • Be equipped interlocked protecting system, oil discharge system, vacuum system, interlocked heating system, to make sure the machine run smoothly.
  • Adopt short-circuit, Over voltage, Low voltage, Low battery voltage, Surge protection, loss phase protection.

Technical Parameters

ZYC-I Vacuum Coconut Oil Purifier